Statement of Ethics

Procesos Urbanos/PU is carried out taking into account aspects of ethics and good practices in the publication of its Articles, which involves all the actors related to the Editorial process. The Journal adheres to the ethical standards of the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE) (

The Journal has an Editorial Team, which is advised by an Editorial Committee and a Scientific Committee, which ensure the editorial quality of the published scientific production. It also has a group of high-quality Evaluators, with a Master's or Doctorate training, external to the Institution managing the Journal, who ensure the quality of the publications and review compliance with the standards and ethical aspects of each postulated Article. .

The Evaluators must report to the Editorial Team improper and unethical actions in the scientific production that they review and evaluate, such as plagiarism, falsification of research or omission of content citation.

Depending on the alleged unethical conduct detected, the Authors are asked to rectify it or to request information to start the pertinent investigation. This, according to the flow diagrams suggested by COPE.

The Editorial Team will request the advice of both the Editorial Committee and the Scientific Committee. According to the registered situation, an Academic Commission will be appointed to review the case.

The offender(s) will be notified that they have violated ethical standards in the Journal in accordance with the case. A formal notification will be published in the Journal, in the following printed and digital edition, with the details of the observed misconduct.

Articles in which inappropriate ethical conduct is identified will be withdrawn, and a period of embargo on the applications of that Author (s) will be held for a time established by the Editorial Committee.

ABy submitting the Articles to the Procesos Urbanos/PU, the Authors accept the ethical standards of the Journal and are entirely responsible for guaranteeing the originality of all their manuscripts, the correct and ethical use of materials for their elaboration.

The Authors will not try to publish previously published materials in another Journal. The simultaneous application of Articles is considered an unethical practice, which will be sanctioned if it is discovered by the Editorial Team or any of the Advisory Bodies of the Edition of the Journal.

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