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Urban media: New dynamics of behavior between individuals -media and their territory.

Guest editors: Dr. Otniel J. López Altamirano, Dr. Wendy Margarita Montes Ponce, Dr. Esteban Sumano Sánchez. Autonomous University "Benito Juárez" of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Volume 7, n.2 (July-December, 2020).

Information for contributions:

The media, such as radio, television, telephone, photography, literature or cinema, like the new generation platforms, developed mechanisms that had a high impact on the behavior of the individual in relation to their context and their realities. Each of the media has been classified by communication theorists as McLuhan (1996) and Levinson (2015), this according to the degree of complexity, resolution and the level of interaction that the media achieve between human-human and human-machine.

From the democratization of the internet, telecommunications traced lines of infrastructure, as well as urban equipment, allowing the use of this service that very soon became a global network, which would support much of commercial, cultural development, social and technological of various territories.

Technological implementations have been part of the development and identity of various urban centers, maintaining a relationship with similar media and with the media that are already based on geolocation systems for the benefit of trade, locomotion, socialization, habitability, food, entertainment , health, contingency, education and work; to mention just some of the activities that media platforms are reconfiguring during the last decade. Especially in these moments of crisis, in which the global pandemic interferes with human development, as we have been able to witness in many cities, where communication platforms converge and are the spaces for interaction and socialization.

We invite all professionals and academics to submit their research for volume 7, n. 2 of the scientific journal Procesos Urbanos, in which we will share our reflections and discuss the implementations, the impacts, the problems, as well as the responsibilities that these new media platforms and their liquid contents are revolutionizing in the face of the dynamics of human behavior in the different territories and urban centers.


Emerging Smart Cities

The city as a media platform

Media and tourism

Media and locomotion

Media and contingencies

Urban revitalization (rural and metropolitan)


Transmedia and territory

Other research topics that relate key aspects of the collective construction of the city, the countryside and the territory are welcome.




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