Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.


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  • As part of the Submission Process, Authors are required to verify that their submission complies with all the elements shown below. Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will be returned to Authors.

    The submission has not been previously published nor has it been submitted for consideration by any other Journal (or an explanation has been provided in the Comments to the Editor).

  • Title and Author (s):

    Articles must have a Title with a maximum of 15 words, which clearly and concisely expresses the content of the text. The Title must be in Spanish and English. Under the Title it is necessary to write the name (s) and surnames of the Author (s). At the bottom of the first page (the one containing the Title), a brief biographical review of the Author must be submitted, including the Academic Titles obtained, the Institution to which it belongs and its institutional email address.

  • Summary, Abstract and Keywords:

    It is necessary that the Article have an Abstract, whose length is not more than 100 words, where a succinct explanation of its content, the most important conclusions and results is made. A Keywords must be listed, which give a general idea about the topics covered in the Article, taking into account a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10.

  • Article Structure

    The Document must be numbered from the initial page, and it is suggested to structure it according to the following order: Title, Summary, Keywords, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Conclusions and Bibliographic References.

    If the Article contains Schemes, Figures or Graphs, Tables or similar, it is necessary to cite the source of the same. Likewise, the original files of the same, and their correct location in relation to the body of the Article, must be included as Annexes. If they are Images, preferably use JPG file format, and a resolution of 600 dpi for grayscale and 300 dpi or higher for color images.

  • Appointments and Footnotes:

    The Footnotes should be numbered, and care should be taken to ensure that they are useful for expanding and clarifying the information presented in the text.

    When short citations (less than 40 words) are made, they will be incorporated into the text. These quotes may be verbatim (using quotation marks), paraphrase, or summary. Long citations (greater than 40 words) must be arranged in a separate line and block, omitting quotation marks. For none of the cases should you forget to reference the source (Last name, year. P.00).

    List of Bibliographic References

    A list of used references must be included, adjusted to the following structure:


    Surname, initial letter (s) of the name of the Author (s). (Year). Title of the book. City Country. Editorial.


    Surname, initial letter (s) of the name of the Author (s). (Year). Chapter Title. In Initial (s) Editor (s) (Eds.), Book Title (Chapter Pages). City Country. Editorial.


    Surname, initial letter (s) of the name of the Author (s). (Year and month). Article title. Publication Information: Journal name (use italics), Volume Number, Issue Number, Page Number (s).


    Surname, initial letter (s) of the name of the Author (s). (Publication date). Article title. Newspaper Name (use italics), Publication Date, page number (s).


    Surname, initial letter (s) of the name of the Author (s). (Year and Month). Publication Name. Address (URL) of the Publication, Date of Consultation.

    If submitting to a Peer-reviewed section of the Journal, the instructions should be followed in ensuring an Anonymous Evaluation.

  • All Authors registered in the Article have ORCID


  • If submitting to a peer-reviewed section of the journal, follow the instructions in Ensuring an anonymous review..

Author Guidelines

Procesos Urbanos permanently receives Research Product Articles, to be nominated for publication, in order to organize and comply with the scheduled editing times.

Articles must be sent in word or similar format to the email: or, failing that, to the Editor's email:, also attaching the Resume of the the) Author (s), and the format for the description of the Research Projects, from which the postulated Articles are derived, which can be downloaded Here.


Cession of Rights

Sending the attached Articles and Documents implies that the Author (s) have read the regulations that govern the publication of Articles for the Urban Processes Journal, and Authorizes the Journal to publish them in print and their respective electronic version, as well as its accommodation in databases at national and international level. Also, it is accepted, when sending the Articles, that these will not be presented simultaneously for publication in other Journals, until notified by the Editor of the Journal. It is the responsibility of the Author to acquire the Rights and / or Authorizations to reproduce Images and / or Graphics taken from other sources, as well as to be responsible for the information and content expressed in the Article.

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