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The Consotá River is an important water tributary for the city of Pereira and for the entire Risaralda region. It is one of the main environmental axes, which cross the city from east to west. The basin that frames the river Consotá, presents characteristics, both physical and environmental, that demonstrate a lot of potential when it comes to resignifying and giving an important value to the river and its surroundings; highlighting, also, what corresponds to a community environment and a social fabric that have suffered different situations, which have violated its core over the years. As a goal, the project seeks to recover the entire Consotá river basin, with an inclusive city vision, that integrates the population with the environmental axis, with its history, with its ancestral culture and with its biodiversity. Key aspects in the story are highlighted, and how the Consotá has influenced the development of the city, and its meaning.


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