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 Procesos Urbanos is a specialized and arbitrated Journal, which publishes original Articles, Research Products in the area of Architecture, Urbanism, Design and disciplines related to the collective construction of the City, the Countryside and the Territory. The Journal is published in continuous flow, two issues per year (January-June and July-December) by the Corporación Universitaria del Caribe—CECAR.

 Procesos Urbanos has, as target audience, national and foreign researchers interested in Research and Technological Development in the areas assigned to the Journal and related disciplines exposed by the Journal.

Procesos Urbanos DOES NOT charge a fee for the processing or publication of Articles (Article Processing Charges - APC).

Original works are received in Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Key words: Architecture, Urbanism, Sustainability, Design, City, Territory, History, Innovation


 ISSN: 2500-5200 (On line)


Lima, Social Time and Motorized Travel

Lima, Tiempo Social y Desplazamientos Motorizados

Zulema Conto Quispe

1-9 |

Article views 69 | PDF views 86

Informal settlements and habitat: an analysis of cases in the city of Posadas, Argentina

Asentamientos informales y hábitat: un análisis de casos en la ciudad de Posadas, Argentina

Walter F. Brites, Miguel A. Avalos

476 |

Article views 111 | PDF views 59

Megacities: context, climate change and the challenge of urban sustainability

Megaciudades: contexto, cambio climático y el reto de la sostenibilidad urbana

Alejandro Mendoza-Jaramillo

e480 |

Article views 58 | PDF views 47

Reintegration of the Factory to the City, through the Parasitism and Urban Regeneration

Reintegración de la Fábrica a la Ciudad , a través del Parasitismo y la Regeneración Urbana

Luis Felipe Andica Pérez, Andrés Mauricio García Lozano

e481 |

Article views 32 | PDF views 125

Caribbean Chronotopy: A Look at the Poetics of the Caribbean House

Cronotopía del Caribe: Una mirada a la Poética de la Casa caribeña

Angélica María Sierra-Franco

e482 |

Article views 120 | PDF views 84

Tradition, Meaning and Training in the Development of Female Bricklayers in Latin America

Tradición, Sentido y Formación en el Desarrollo de las Albañilas en Latinoamérica

Wendy Margarita Montes-Ponce, Otniel Josafat López-Altamirano

e483 |

Article views 56 | PDF views 110

Research in History: City, Memory and Architecture

Investigación en Historia: Ciudad, Memoria y Arquitectura

Juan Carlos Pérgolis-Valsecchi

e484 |

Article views 43 | PDF views 21

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