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 Procesos Urbanos is a specialized and arbitrated Journal, which publishes original Articles, Research Products in the area of Architecture, Urbanism, Design and disciplines related to the collective construction of the City, the Countryside and the Territory. The Journal is published in continuous flow, two issues per year (January-June and July-December) by the Corporación Universitaria del Caribe—CECAR.

 Procesos Urbanos has, as target audience, national and foreign researchers interested in Research and Technological Development in the areas assigned to the Journal and related disciplines exposed by the Journal.

Procesos Urbanos DOES NOT charge a fee for the processing or publication of Articles (Article Processing Charges - APC).

Original works are received in Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Key words: Architecture, Urbanism, Sustainability, Design, City, Territory, History, Innovation


 ISSN: 2500-5200 (On line)


Mediatização urbana. Novas Dinâmicas de Comportamento entre Indivíduo, Mídia e Território

Mediatización Urbana. Nuevas Dinámicas de Comportamiento entre Individuo, Medios y Territorio

Otniel Josafat López-Altamirano, Wendy Margarita Montes-Ponce, Esteban Sumano-Sánchez

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Influence of Digital Manufacturing in Architecture. Constructive Processes in Collaborative Environments

Influencia de la Fabricación Digital en la Arquitectura. Procesos Constructivos en Entornos Colaborativos

Daniel Marín-Parra, Jonathan Steven Sarmiento-Rojas

Article views 27 | PDF views 34

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